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Highland Studios, on Loma Prieta in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, features a complete suite of rooms, including a large state-of-the-art control room designed with Chips Davis, and a spacious and beautiful studio with adjustable acoustics, specifically designed and built for acoustic instruments and voices.

Highland Studios offers digital multi track recording using Digidesign's ProTools TDM HD3Accel, digital editing of audio and video, and mastering and preparation of duplication masters for CD, DVD, or cassette.

Highland also offers complete arranging, performing, consultation and production help with album or demo projects.

Work with Joe Weed, one of the country's best independent producer/engineer/musicians!

Equipment List

Equipment List

At Highland Studios, we feature:

Comfortable, relaxed artistic environment
State-of-the-art equipment and rooms
Panoramic view of Monterey Bay
Deli and grocery only 5 minutes away

Q: How can Highland Studio make me sound my best?

A: Since our specialty is acoustic instruments and voices, we built a recording room which allows these instruments to speak the way they were intended to. We provide a large and live studio with adjustable acoustics that can be tuned, as you play or sing, to give the best sounding recording of your voice or instrument. Acoustic diffusers and absorbers on rotating wall panels provide an infinite spectrum of sounds in the room. Now you don't have to sing or play in a padded cell!


Q: How can I benefit from Highland Studio's control room?

A: Designed using the latest control room philosophy, our room features a large, airy and comfortable space to accurately monitor your project. The front (listening) end is acoustically absorptive to eliminate early sound reflections, while the back end is diffusive and reflective to provide a more natural listening environment than is possible in a small or dead listening room. All computers and equipment with fans are located outside of this sound proof room so that silence and low level signals can be properly monitored.

Q: What about Highland's equipment?

A: We feature a wide selection of the best microphones available for instruments and vocals, including models by Neumann, AKG, Sony, Audio Tecnica, and Electrovoice. Microphone preamps and signal processing gear are extensive and include the best in the industry. Recording at Highland Studios is computer automated and functions in a quick and intuitive manner. Mixing is easy, with computer precision and repeatability. The sound is sparkling and fresh.